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Many a times, while buying my flight tickets on various travel portals, I come across the below step just before I pay.

slick rpa

Though the information on the webpage clearly outlines on flight delay you can get compensated, most of the travellers including myself still do not buy travel insurance. At times when travel insurance is purchased, it is either for visa requirements or for business travel. If this is the behaviour of a person well versed with Insurance we can very well guess what many others do.

Studies show, only 40% of people think travel insurance is essential and of these only 21% of the people actually purchase travel insurance; to simplify only 8.4% buy travel insurance

[Ref IJASRD, Feb’17]

Why do the 80% of people who know travel insurance is essential do not buy; The reasons for this have been discussed extensively, perception of insurance; too much hardwork to raise a simple claim; unfair rejection being some of the most often quoted.

How do we change this attitude? The answer is simple enough; Increased transparency, Simplified processes.

We @InversionsLab bring forth our solution using Slick.

With #Slick, we remove the reason of “too much paper work and follow up in case of a claim”.


What would this mean: # Delighted customer, a customer with a #changed attitude about his Insurance firm; #Increased Pie This would definitely increase adaptation of travel insurance, and would also reflect in higher customer trust scores vis a vis with the peers.

Praveen Palivela

Technologist | Product Owner | AI for Insurers | Digital InsureTech| @Inversions Lab - Co Founder | CPCU

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