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Who We Are

Insurance + Technology Experts


What We Do

We build InsurTech solutions for the uberized customers; solutions that are apt for the digital data driven world. The customer is the centre of every interaction. We use design thinking to define these customer experiences


How We Do It

We build complete holistic solutions, we design based on customer experience journeys, we build ecosystems that support building these solutions and we blend with legacy systems, existing IT infrastructure through micro services. We embrace DevOps and continuous delivery and we deliver our products to customers and end users quickly

Short Story About Our Company

Meet up

A bunch of passionate technologists & domain experts came together to start our journey.

Product Discovery

We launched our first offering on a saas platform enabling our customers go digital.

Industry Disruption

Ready for the next journey with Slick and Mira - Reinventing core insurance systems.

Our Team

We are a passionate team of Insurance specialists and Technologists. We are keen on understanding how consumers are driving Insurers to adapt and the role technology plays. We have invested ourselves in this landscape designing solutions for carriers to adopt for today and ready for tomorrow


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