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Slick - The Digital experience platform offers a DIY Insurance chatbot, Web, Mobile and Social media driven digital customer interaction. Slick does this with Insurance specific micro services integrating seamlessly with various core systems.
Slick lets you create and customise products for various channels with ease by using its inbuilt Product & Pricing configurators.
DiY Insurance Assistant


Mira - An Intelligent Insurance chatbot harnesses the power of AI & NLP to help the customers self service. Using human conversations, the customer can look up the price, buy a policy and notify a loss. Mira integrates with the rating engine, core system using the Slick micro services framework.
Respond to fast-changing regulations, competitive threats & customer demands

Product Configurator

Consolidated Product Workbench - A single interface to configure all product information and a consolidated palette tool for risks, coverages, pricing, rules, documents and more. Launch new products faster, using fewer resources. Slick Product configurator can mean the difference between a first-mover advantage and a come-from-behind effort.
Connect with your Customers

Insure CRM

CRM for Insurers . Insure CRM gives you a holistic view of your customers, at one click gets your customer life time value. Manage your leads and prospects with ease, see the conversion statistics on Kanban boards. Manage the activities of your intermediaries with periodic alerts. Customize and automate your communication to various stakeholders (easily) (quickly) (smartly).
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In the gig economy when Insurance consumers require on-demand service across various mediums, Inversions lab solutions help you stay ahead. Mira ably supported by Slick framework delivers this.

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